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We take pride on being the only reading program designed for the bilingual classroom!


El Mundo de los Niños offers educational resources for academic success in both English and Spanish by combining research-based language acquisition resources with a unique instructional method that supports reading development for second language learners.

Our instructional method is called INTEGRATED DIDACTICAL APPROACH because it promotes reading in several content areas. This methodology follows a systematic scaffold process based on the 5 E's constructivist model while at the same time, targeting growth in 5 critical reading abilities. These abilities have been identified as best predictors of students' academic achievement based on current research by the US National Reading Panel (NRP) and the International Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).

El Mundo de los Niños educational resources are designed to support an adequate development of phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and writing, using our materials and following our strategic classroom instruction methodology.